midweek folk

“We wrote this one back in the ’60s,” joked a member of United Bible Studies on Wednesday night. And seeing them was, in many ways, a throwback, but also a comforting reminder that people are carrying on folk traditions in an interesting and original way.

Sharron Kraus, who sang and played fiddle with UBS, preceded them with her own set of delicate banjo and crystalline voice. She collaborated with Meg Baird (of Espers and The Baird Sisters) on a record, but didn’t have any copies of that with her, so I picked up her latest, The Fox’s Wedding. What I’ve had a chance to listen to so far sounds great.

UBS sang “East Virginia,” a song that was on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music and has been played by Joan Baez, Sandy Denny, Johnny Cash and so on and so on. They said that people laughed at them when they played it in North Carolina. (It includes the line “North Carolina I did roam.)

Kraus and UBS had just come from Terrastock 7 in Louisville, which sounds and looks like a terrific experience.

The time flew by and suddenly it was 12:15am, fifteen minutes past the Tea Bazaar’s closing time. Off to home and bed.

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