monkeying around

Last night James, Nicholas, Emily and I rode through the pouring rain to Monkeyclaus in Nelson County to catch a show. The folks that we went to hear rode through the pouring rain, too, except they were on bicycles. Kurt Weisman, Raub Roy and Dianne Eveland have pedaled all the way from Vermont on their current tour and are destined for Atlanta.

We arrived before the cyclist-musicians, and soon learned that they had run into trouble when the shoulder ran out on Rt. 29 South. Luckily, a kind soul named Jesus loaded their bikes into his van and drove them the rest of the way. They arrived, warmed up, showered, and treated us to soothing and far-reaching sounds as the rain pattered heavily on the roof of the barn-turned-recording studio.

Peter and Abel, Monkeyclaus’ magic men, recorded the whole thing, so soon you’ll likely be able to find that over at

Kurt, Raub and Dianne have a few open dates, so if you happen to read this and can help them on their awesome adventure, do it!

Peter playing back Kurt Weisman’s set.