Calexico at Webster Hall

I had all intentions of staying at home last night, cozy in bed with my headphones. But I’m not one to pass up a free show when it falls into my lap. So, when my friend called me and said there was a ticket to see Calexico just sitting around her apartment, I dropped by to grab it, hopped on the L train and scurried my way down 3rd Avenue.

I was a bit sad to have missed Brooklyn’s Oakley Hall, because I got the chance to talk with guitarist Pat Sullivan a while back and they play some fine country rock, but I did make it in time to catch most of Calexico’s set. The Tucson, Arizona band is named after the California border town, and their southwestern sound matches up with that. Mariachi brass, twangy pedal-steel and a dose of Ennio Morricone dry-desert atmosphere.

Even though they have deep sonic routes in that corner of the country, Calexico’s band hails from all over: Germany, Spain and Mexico. When introducing the members, guitarist Joey Burns commented that New York is sort of a midpoint for all the group getting together.

The highlight? I’d have to say, since I not too familiar with the band’s material, that I was most enamoured by their cover of Love’s “Alone Again Or” (check out a 2006 performance here).What a great song. Did you know that The Damned also covered it? Complete with a Zorro-themed video?

Photo by Kurt Christensen used under Creative Commons license. You can see more on BrooklynVegan.

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