endless boogie

When Stephen Malkmus shows up at a Brooklyn warehouse space to catch a band late on a Sunday night, you know you’re probably in the right place. That’s what happened when I saw Endless Boogie this weekend at Glasslands. Following solid sets from Baltimore’s Arbouretum and Virginia’s Pontiak, Endless Boogie (who take their name from a John Lee Hooker album) wailed and wailed and wailed. At one point in their set they broke into a sublime take on the Velvet Underground’s “What Goes On.” I’d dare to say that these aging heads are the best band in Brooklyn and, save fellow “old fogies” Sonic Youth, the best band from NYC right now.

That’s some heavy praise, and should be taken with a grain of salt because I’m not all-knowing, but if you give a damn about music that can groove you up to that next level, these guys really deserve a listen. And wouldn’t you trust Malkmus?

The band’s first album, Focus Level, came out on No Quarter in June.