Bathroom reading

I have strategically placed a copy of Ian Svenonius’ Psychic Soviet on the shelf above my toilet. I did this for a number of reasons:

1.) It features a plastic cover that protects it from any splashes from the sink or shower.

2.) It’s full of witty, educational, insightful and tongue-in-cheek essays by the D.C. punk rocker and host of VBS.TV’s awesome Soft Focus show. Topics include the parallels between the decline of Christianity and rock ‘n’ roll, how Seinfeld has led to metropolitan gentrification and Beatles vs. Stones as Stalinism and Maoism.

3.) Visitors can’t help but be curious when they spot the bright pink cover.

4.) From the Introduction: “This volume should clear up much of the confusion regarding events of the last millennium – artistic, geo-political, philosophical, et al. ”

I haven’t made my way through the whole volume, but that’s the point. It’s something you can pick up for a few minutes and enjoy. Given its size, it’s also a good book to slip in your back pocket and whip out when you’re on the subway. Get it from Drag City.

Preview it (sort of) with the man himself:

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