Music man

I’m quoted in this week’s C-Ville Weekly cover story, a profile on my friend Danny Shea, Charlottesville booker and promoter extraordinaire. Danny was my manager at Plan 9 Records, and Satellite Ballroom, where he put on many great shows from 2005-2008, was my musical home away from home when I lived in Charlottesville. I’m really happy that he’s getting recognition for what he’s done, and that he’s been picked to continue bringing cool music to Charlottesville once the Jefferson Theater opens.

Particularly fun is this list of Danny’s favorite Satellite shows. I was at all but two of the ones that he mentions.

While working at C-Ville, I wrote a column about Satellite Ballroom (including a photo gallery) back in May, when it met its annoying demise to a forthcoming CVS pharmacy.

Above is the poster Danny designed for a Silver Jews show. You can see more of his designs here.

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