“If you were a 17-year old, sexually confused kid on ecstasy, it stands within reason that Saturday night’s show at the Palladium would’ve ranked as one of the greatest moments of your entire life.”

Passion of the Weiss has a terrific review of Of Montreal’s show at the Hollywood Palladium. Jeff runs through the history of the band, from its E6 inception to Kevin Barnes’ latest jump to indie teen idol status, and hits the nail on the head with pretty much every sentence. He also does a great job of incorporating photos into the piece. Another quote:

Thus, watching an Of Montreal concert today feels like a cross between a Ted Haggerty-led revival, a wrap party for suburban kids in a 9th grade production of The Wiz, and a Queen concert, had Freddie Mercury & Co. been born 20 years later and gotten their start as a Prince cover band.

You can read my review of Of Montreal’s October show at Roseland Ballroom here.

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