Albums of 2008: Day 20 – Envelopes – Here Comes The Wind

This album is so satisfying. I really don’t know where to begin. Envelopes have the sharp, raw hooks of Pinkerton-era Weezer but also the scrappy energy that makes Beulah’s When Your Heartstrings Break one of my favorite albums. On “Smoke In The Desert, Eating The Sand, Hide In The Grass” they make Franz Ferdinand dance rock not only tolerable, but amazing. “Life On The Beach” sounds like they’ve stolen the soul of Frank Black, gotten him high and convinced him to tan himself on the seashore. “Boat” reminds me of the Defranco Family’s “Heartbeat is a Lovebeat.” “Put On Hold” is just plain mindblowing.

Arcade Fire, Love Is All, etc.: Watch your backs, because it’s a crime that this motley group from Sweden and France isn’t in shoes as big as yours.

Between Here Comes The Wind and their debut, Envelopes made a mix tape that mashed up their own tunes with those of their influences. That seems perfect, because the band really wears their inspiration on their sleeves. But such creative sparks never made them seem like copycats. They make everything their own and bubble with so much raw goodness that any presence of plagiarism is irrelevant.

So get your letter opener ready. Envelopes are gonna rock you ‘til you giggle. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Watch the video for “Life On The Beach” after the break.

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