Random Stuff

As I noted below, I wrote a short blurb on Vivian Girls’ cover of the Wipers’ “Telepathic Love” for Index Magazine’s Playlist. You can read it and listen to the track, along with other solid tunes, here.

Cadillac Records, a film about Chess Records,  just came out and my roommate briefly plays the role of Rolling Stones drummer Brian Jones. Awesome! See him at 0:47, second from the left:

Chris Richards, one-time member of DC’s Q And Not U, has a nice piece on Slate.com about the history of the 808 drum machine.

I just read a terrific article in the Lester Bangs collection Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste about his trip to Jamaica in the late ’70s to cover the burgeoning reggae scene for Creem. It’s called “Innocents in Babylon,” and Sasha Frere-Jones mentions it in his 2003 Slate.com piece on the book, quoting Bangs’ early description of the power of the sound system and the DJ:

[T]his sense of the guy who plays the records as performer extends down into the record shops, where the clerks shift speakers, tracks, and volume levels with deft magicianly fingers as part of a highly intricate dance, creating sonic riot in the store and new productions of their own in their minds: I control the dials.

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