What’s in a NIME?

Apologies if that Shakespeare pun wakes you wince. NIME stands for New Interfaces for Musical Expression, a class in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Monday night students from the class performed at Exit Art at 10th Avenue and 36th Street in Manhattan. It was the first sold-out experimental/computer music show that I’ve ever attended and it was a blast. NIME aims to “put the ‘live’ back in live performance of electronic and digital music,” and they definitely succeeded, with a lineup that had the audience hooting, singing along and doubling over with laughter.

Oh, and there was a cocktail-making piano:

More photos and descriptions of some of the performers after the break.

Ithai Benjamin performs “Winter Jubilee” with his animatronic friends, Destiny Mazursky and Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domènech, 1st Marquis of Púbol:

Michael Clemow plays his Shadow Sequencer, which combined a visual sequence, shadow puppetry and, at the end, a chase crazy bird chasing  Michael through the crowd:

 Tim Szetela plays a globe that samples and mixes up different languages:

Joe Mariglio performs “Solo for Amplified Window,” in which he rolls a stone ball around a window and amplifies the sound with contact microphones and metal wire resonators (guitar strings, I think):

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