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Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan has a nice diary of their Hanukkah shows. I wish I could have made it to one of the gigs, but I was enjoying the holidays in Virginia.

The boys in Sparky’s Flaw, who I went on tour with for a C-VILLE Weekly story, have changed their name to Parachute, VA. I wonder what prompted this. Sparky’s Flaw wasn’t a particularly good name, but it’s no small decision to up and rebrand themselves after years of carrying the SF flag. Maybe Mercury/Def Jam/Island (who’ll be releasing their debut LP at some point) pushed for this? They introduced their new moniker shortly before playing in Times Square for New Years Eve, so clearly they’re still in that fast (but often fickle) lane to fame.

Last month I saw the Butthole Surfers play in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They were good, but they weren’t tripping out like this.

The New Yorker has an extensive and interesting article on Will Oldham.

A Lester Bangs article led me to Nico’s The Marble Index, which in turn led me to this article, which briefly discusses music and art that is not particularly fun, but nonetheless astounding and worthy. Scott Walker’s Tilt, which I’ve been meaning to check out since seeing the documentary about him, is also mentioned.

And since you can’t find it on the Internet, here’s a quote from Bangs’ 1983 article (“Your Shadow Is Scared of You: An Attempt Not to Be Frightened by Nico”):

“I don’t know if I would classify it as oppressive or depressing, but I do know that The Marble Index scares the shit out of me. But what scares me even more is what most people seem to want instead. Every time I see some kid with concentration-camp-cropped hair maybe tinted green with maybe a garbage bag over his or her genuinely pathetic belittled frame, I want to puke and maybe even cry a little at the same time. Because so much of this punk rubbish is based on the stupidest apprehension and declamation of how proud one can be that ‘We don’t feel!‘ when they don’t even realize the horror and irony Johnny Rotten spat into that particular phrase.”

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