Tangential things

The Declaration, the weekly newspaper at UVA where I wrote articles and got geeky as webmaster, has launched a new website, following the disappearance of its old one into the digital ether after the university changed its servers. And the latest issue has an interview with my friends in Birdlips, who played two terrific shows in NYC last week. Check it out. They even refer to me briefly and give a shout out to DBB Plays Cups, my friend David’s band, of which I am often a member:

What’re some albums or artists you guys are listening to currently?

Lindsay Pitts: We’re listening to the new Animal Collective, Deerhunter, DBB Plays Cups.

Cliff Usher: Yeah, DBB Plays Cups is kind of an around town band. He’s this guy who’s a kindergarten teacher who does sporadic shows in random places, and he has a different band every time. He sets it up so they only practice the day of the show, and everybody plays a different instrument every time so the songs sound completely different.

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