The vinyl surge continues

After seeing a rise in 2008, wax looks like it will keep kicking in the new year.

Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion vinyl sales may put the album in the Billboard Top 200 before the CD even comes out.

I got an e-mail from today saying that they saw a 91% increase in transactions in December ’08 compared to December ’07. “The marked growth was driven by dramatic up-ticks in vinyl, band merch and music gift and accessory sales,” it says. The site’s vinyl sales went up 130%. They also attribute much of that increase to the awesome “LP+MP3″ (or, as I like to call it, “The CD Killer”) program, where one can order the vinyl but download the mp3s immediately.

California radio station 100.3 The Sound will play only vinyl for 24 hours on January 21.

And, of course, the major labels want to cash in on this, so Capitol will be issuing 12 of Radiohead’s singles on 12″ vinyl.

(I type this just as my roommate has returned from Academy Records with a pile of LPs.)

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