Track Review: Neko Case – “People Gotta Lotta Nerve”

The cover of the upcoming album Middle Cyclone is a pretty great representation of Neko Case. The red-headed songstress is crouching on the front of a car, barefoot and brandishing a sword. In “People Gotta Lotta Nerve” the third track on the album, Case warns “I’m a man, man, man…man, man, maneater, but you’re still sur-prised-prised-prised when I eat ya.” Neko hasn’t assumed the perspective of Nelly Furtado or Hall & Oates, who judge from the third-person. She is the maneater. She is the one pointing the sword. It’s makes for a much more intense and conflicted tale.

Next Case takes the description one step further with a more drawn-out metaphor. “You know, they call them killer whales, but you seem surprised when they bend you down to the bottom of the tank where you can’t turn around and take half your leg and both your lungs.” Whew! Neko is indeed a maneater. She’ll eat ya with her words.

But she’s got a soft side, too, so she’s donating money for every blog post that this song gets to the Best Friends Animal Society. I’m happy to help out by putting it up here. Middle Cyclone comes out March 3.

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