Track Review: The Wrens – “Pulled Fences”

The Wrens saw their music caught up in the industry machine and painfully suspended in time. In the mid-nineties, after refusing to sign a big contract and go more mainstream, they lost the rights to their first two albums. The recording of their third LP, Meadowlands, stretched from 1999 to 2003, at which point they finally regained some much-deserved acclaim.

Given all of this waiting, it makes sense that the first new song the band has played in 10 years would see quick turnaround. So quick, in fact, that they recorded it live at Abbey Road before the most of the members had even heard it themselves. Kevin Whelan wrote the song, passed around chords, and The Wrens went at it. And it sounds excellent, building momentum as the band picks up the groove and then lingering and fading away like the aftermath of a sudden epiphany.

Purchase the song here.

The Wrens will begin recording a new album next Monday, and will play SXSW in March.

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