I Hate Charlottesville

I’ve been having a blast since moving to New York last summer, but every once in a while I’ll come across something that really makes me miss Charlottesville, Virginia. Brendan Fitzgerald’s list of “Forty-five songs that every Charlottesville music fan should know” is one of those things. He hits on a number of my favorite C’ville sounds, including the Come On Children’s “Alta Vista,” Birdlips, Pavement/Silver Jews (by way of their members’ time at UVA), and Atsushi Miura’s “I Hate Charlottesville.” Listening to that last song really makes me long for Jeffersonian architecture, Dogwood blooms, Downtown Mall bricks and end-of-the-night drinks at C&O. Luckily, I’m visiting in a couple of weeks to catch Bonnie “Prince” Billy and catch up with friends and family. For now, though, I’ll leave you with this wonderful love-hate anthem.

Atsushi Miura and the Dirty Round Eyes – “I Hate Charlottesville”

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