Cobble Hill, Brooklyn: Breakfast with my former editor/boss; talk of Francis Bacon, Twitter, media, community, life, more. Central Park, Manhattan: Solitary strolling with a Lilys soundtrack; the Central Park Sound Tunnel; Willy G, the “Poet of Central Park.” Park Slope, Brooklyn: Backyard barbecue with new acquaintances and a few old friends; from sunshine to dusk […]

Last night James, Nicholas, Emily and I rode through the pouring rain to Monkeyclaus in Nelson County to catch a show. The folks that we went to hear rode through the pouring rain, too, except they were on bicycles. Kurt Weisman, Raub Roy and Dianne Eveland have pedaled all the way from Vermont on their […]

Hello there! I’m back from a few weeks of rest, relaxation and sporadic Internet access (hence the site’s lull) on Prince Edward Island in Canada. It was a fun trip, during which I occupied myself mainly by reading, listening to music and lounging about in my cottage. Paradise! But I’m happy to be back. Looking […]