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This space has been pretty quiet lately, and that’s because a few friends and I have been working hard on a new and exciting website, Eardrum NYC is a website devoted to live music in New York City, complete with extensive calendar listings, artist bios, show and venue maps, and much more. It’s all […]

OK, folks. I’m planning on getting back into action hereĀ on a daily basis. That means look for new posts at least once a day. For now, though, how about I leave you with a couple of my most recent Internet fancies? First comes, a psychedelic mash-up/multiplication of the ubiquitous video site. You can run […]

So, as anyone who checks this site often has probably noticed, I haven’t been posting as frequently. This is mostly due to the fact that I’m working a full time job and I’m additionally consumed with other writing stuff. I’m going to try harder to keep things fresh here, but I wanted to point you […]