Tinymixtapes.com, where I write under the name Lincoln Doolittle, has put up it’s year-end extravaganza, which includes our favorite albums, films, Eureka! (lesser-heard) albums, album covers, the 2008 Tiny Mix Tape and some nice articles about stuff that happened this year. Check it out! Check out Lincoln Doolittle’s personal Top 25 albums of 2008 after […]

Yesterday I wrote about Wham City’s Jurassic Park play for BushwickBK.com. Today I’ve got a review up of last month’s Baltimore Round Robin show in Manhattan up on Tinymixtapes.com. Charm City overkill? Maybe. But these guys are doing so much interesting stuff that it’s hard not to take notice. Both the Round Robin tour and […]

My interview with Marnie Stern is up over at Tinymixtapes.com. A few days after talking with her I got to see her play live at CMJ. It was awesome. If you get a chance to see her on her current tour, I highly recommend it.