I just finished up a week-long visit to Virginia. It’s been nice to visit the family and see a bunch of friends. While I was in Charlottesville I saw Joanna Newsom play at the recently renovated Jefferson Theater and reviewed the show for Tiny Mix Tapes. My friend Gary Canino shot some nice videos of […]

(Pokey LaFarge at Esmont Rocks, a music fest, cookout and wedding) The past week has been quite a ride. I rolled down to Charlottesville, attended a surprise wedding that doubled as a sweet music festival, saw Bonnie “Prince” Billy play at Fry Springs Beach Club, scored a lot of sweet vinyl, met some wonderful new […]

I am still getting settled in my new apartment in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, but I’m excited about the music that this area boasts. DIY venues like Silent Barn, Market Hotel and Bodega are not too far away from my place, and the headquarters of the awesome neo-soul label Daptone Records is just a […]